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You've built your Farm, Steel Plant, Arms Plant, and maybe even some City Defenses. Now what do you do?

Scientific and Technological research is an integral part of the game. You can research ways to improve resource production, construction, military training time and much more. Players can also improve their military strength, consumption and ability to attack others through research. With an upgrade to your Cultivation Techniques, your farms can produce even more food with the same amount of land!

Certain technologies require other technologies to be researched or buildings to be built first. On the same token, high level arms require players to research several prerequisite technologies. Technological advances can also make a player's small army more powerful than a larger one.

Scientific research requires time and resources, but all of your cities share the same scientific and technological achievements. However, Research Centers in other cities might need to be of a required minimum level to have access to a particular technology.

Image Name Description

Cultivation Techniques
Cultivation Techniques increases your food output.

Steelmaking Techniques
Steelmaking Techniques increases your steel output.

Drilling Technology
Drilling Technology increases your oil output.

Metallurgy Techniques
Metallurgy Techniques increases your rare metal output.

Training Techniques
Training Techniques increases the training speed of your troops.

Reconnaissance Techniques
Reconnaissance Techniques allows scouts to obtain additional intel on target cities.

Firepower Technology
Firepower Technology increases the attack power of both troops and City Defenses.

Armor Technology
Armor Technology increases the defense of both troops and City Defenses.

Ballistics Technology
Ballistics Technology increases the shooting range of both troops and City Defenses.

Heavy Industry Technology
Ballistics Technology increases the shooting range of both troops and City Defenses.

Fuel Engine Technology
Fuel Engine Technology accelerates the marching speed of your troops.

Construction Technology
Construction Technology reduces the construction time of your city.

City Defense Technology
City Defense Technology increases the HP of your City Defenses.

Plunder Techniques
Plunder Techniques decreases the capacity of enemy warehouses.

Loading Techniques
Loading Techniques increases the load capacity of your troops.

Storage Techniques
Storage Techniques increases the capacity of your warehouses.

Repair Techniques
Repair Techniques increases the recovery rate of your City Defenses.

Deployment Techniques
Deployment Techniques increases the manpower cap of troops being dispatched.

Jet Engine Technology
Jet Engine Technology increases the flight speed of your aircraft.

Medical Technology
Medical Technology increases the HP of your troops.

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