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Officers - Recruitment

By: admin2         At: 1-27-2011 01:49 AM         5

Officer Recruitment

Even as a powerful commander, you cannot run a successful city alone. You will need the support of talented officers to enhance your governing abilities, so you will need a military institute to recruit officers. By clicking on the Military Institute, you will be able to view the attributes of each graduate officer and their recruitment fees.

If the officer is up to your standards, you can recruit the officer by clicking the "Recruit" button.

The officers available for recruitment will be refreshed after a fixed period of time. The higher level the academy, the greater the number of officers that will be available for recruitment at each refresh and the faster the refresh rate will be.

Before you recruit officers, however, you will need a Staff Headquarters to house your officers. Higher levels of Staff Headquarters can house greater numbers of officers.

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