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Alliances, Combined Defense & Combined Attack

By: admin2         At: 1-27-2011 01:44 AM         0

Form an Alliance

In The Stratagems, players will be able to form Alliances with both friends and allies. Whether your goal is to achieve regional control, or to wage war and pillage more resources, or you just want to have a place to relax and talk about the stresses of your everyday life, the focus of the Alliance is purely up to the players involved.

Combined defense

So your Intelligence is going crazy, and you see 10 waves of enemy attacks coming in. You're panicking.

What do you do?

The construction of a Communication Center in the military sector of your city provides a staging ground for friendly Alliance troops to gather and help defend your city against an attack! Fight off those invaders with the combined power of your Alliance. Hopefully you can contact them in time...

Players can withdraw their army from an Alliance member's city at any time.

Combined Attack

A player can invite another player to join forces to attack a stronger target together. The two players can share information, resources, and troops to bring down a more powerful enemy for their mutual benefit.

The more players participating in a combined attack, the fewer number of troops each player is allowed to send. Players will have to choose carefully which troops they wish to send on combined attacks.

Restrictions: Troops sent on combined attacks will take as long as the slowest player to reach the battlefield.

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