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City Development

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City Development

Resource Production

City construction, military development and the sustaining of military operations depend on 4 kinds of resources: oil, food, steel and rare metals. As commander of your city, you will need to construct plants to generate these resources in order to sustain growth and military operations as well as to build up your army. Resources can be obtained through these buildings or by plundering your enemies' cities. Gold is another special kind of resource, obtained by taxing your citizens. Gold is important for research, upkeep and various other functions vital to your city.

Building Construction

In your Military Sector or Production Zone, select an open space (marked by a signpost). A building list will pop up, and you will be able to construct various buildings if the prerequisite conditions are met. Some buildings require another type of building to be built before they can be constructed. These buildings will appear in the list after you have met their building requirements.

You will initially start the game with just one city with a City Hall. You will need to start building to develop your cities from the ground up, using limited resources. Players will be able to build a total of 21 types of buildings that will provide the various resources they require: military production, scientific and technological research, resources production, and many other functions. As commander, you can choose how you wish to forge your way forward in this war-torn world by conducting sea and air expeditions, controlling a large military empire, or by making yourself a rich economic powerhouse.


Citizens are a measure of the stability and prosperity of your city. Players will have to consider their citizens' grievances and act accordingly to sustain a healthy and happy population.

If you do not login for long periods of time or are conquered or massacred by other players, you may lose public support. Therefore, it is important for you to check in on the happiness of your citizens frequently.

Several governing aspects will make you lose public support from your citizens. Setting a high tax rate as well as seizing materials from citizens are two such examples which may result in citizens leaving your city, thereby diminishing your production and military training capabilities. If your citizens' morale drops too low, they may riot, further disrupting your city. A city's population will update every 6 minutes, so be sure to plan construction and military training around this. If there aren't enough personnel to occupy all jobs, production and building efficiency will suffer.

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