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The Chat System is an important platform for communication between players. You are encouraged to use the chat system to obtain all sorts of information within the game, and it is also a way to display your accomplishments. The chat system is divided into General Chat, Alliance Chat and Private Chat.

World Chat

Anything broadcast over World chat will be seen by the entire server. The font color is orange. A Loudspeaker will be consumed for each sentence sent. Loudspeakers can be obtained through missions or via the Blitzkrieg Outlet.

Alliance Chat

Anything typed here can be seen by online Union members. The font color is green. This form of chat does not require Loudspeakers

Private Chat

When clicking whisper, you will be prompted to enter the name of the player that is to be whispered to. You can also click on the chat bar to whisper to a particular player. The font color is pink and, like Alliance chat, this does not require Loudspeakers.

Clicking on whisper will result in players being prompted with the last 3 players that were whispered, for ease of communication.

"Block" can be used to block a particular chat type (World, Alliance, or Private).

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