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City Development

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What is Rookie Protection?

- After making an account and entering The Stratagems, every new player will be protected for the first 7 days. Other players cannot attack you, and similarly, you cannot attack anyone else. Please note, if you upgrade your City Hall to Level 5, your Rookie Protection will automatically end, even if 7 days have not yet passed.

Why is my Idle Labor a negative number?

- Depending upon the Operating Rate you set on your Resource Production page, you may notice that the Idle Labor figure is negative. A shortage of available citizens will lead to a negative number being displayed under Idle Labor. If this happens, you will not produce resources at your maximum potential Operating Rate, nor will you be able to recruit soldiers. You must wait for your population to increase.

How do I make my population increase?

- As the amounts and levels of your Civilian Houses i ncrease, and your tax rate goes down, your population will increase gradually over time. If you want to increase your population immediately, you have several options. Firstly, using either an Immigration Bill or Immigration Edict from the Blitzkrieg Outlet will increase your population instantly. Secondly, you can also go to your City Hall and select Citizen Pacification to summon citizens at the cost of resources. Keep in mind, though, that when Idle Labor exceeds half of your total population, hazards can occur, drastically reducing your population.

Why is my Food output negative?

- When troops are stationed inside your city or outside the city in resource fields, they will consume Food. The Food that they consume is subtracted from your overall Food output. Whenever the amount of Food they consume is higher than your city's Food output, your overall Food output will turn negative.

- If Food reserves are used up, troops will start deserting your city. Such a Food crisis can be solved by building more Farms, seizing resource fields which grant Food output bonuses, increasing your mayor's politics attribute, using Strategics, calling back troops that are occupying towns or resource fields, transferring troops from one city to another city, or dismissing excess army units.

How do I get more Gold?

- The amount of Gold you earn is based upon your population and tax rate. Increasing either your population or tax rate will increase your Gold income. Keep in mind, however, that if you set tax rates too high, your population will gradually decrease, and thus the amount of Gold you will earn will drop as well.

- At the City Hall, you can also select Citizen Squeeze to seize Gold from your citizens immediately. However, your city morale will go down, and low morale will possibly lead to rebellions.

- As a third option, you can sell resources to other players or the market merchant in the Trade Center.

Why do Disasters and Hazards frequently occur in my city

- Disasters occur randomly. There is nothing you can do to prevent disasters from happening.

- Hazards occur for a variety of reasons, including current resource reserves exceeding your city's maximum storage capacities, too many idle laborers sitting in your city, or city Food reserves being reduced to below 0. Low city morale or low officer loyalty will also cause Hazards to occur.

How do I deal with deserters?

- After selecting the General Headquarters, then selecting Deserter Camp, you may use either Gold or diamonds to buy back deserters. If you do not have the resources available, or if you simply do not want those deserters back in your army, you may also relieve them from duty.

Why are the levels of my captured resource fields changing every day ?

- Resource fields seized by players will downgrade by 1 level every 24 hours until they are ultimately depleted to level 0. Any uncontrolled resource fields will randomly change their level every 24 hours.

Why can't I seize more fields?

- If you click your City Hall, you can see how many resource fields you can control. The number of resource fields you may control depends upon the level of your City Hall. If you reach the maximum number of seized fields corresponding to your City Hall level, you cannot seize any more fields. You must upgrade your City Hall or abandon your already seized fields before seizing another field.

How do I ransack resources and jewelry from resource fields?

- After seizing a field through combat, click the Territory button to view your fields. Dispatch an officer to the field along with some troops to support the officer. Click the Ransack button to begin collecting resources and jewelry. After waiting an appropriate amount of time, click the Collect button to collect whatever the officer and his troops have found.

- You must wait at least an hour before you collect, otherwise you will gain nothing from ransacking. The maximum amount of time you can ransack is 24 hours, after which you'll gain no additional resources or jewelry for your efforts.

- HINT: If the ransacking officer has a high politics stat, your chances of finding jewelry are increased. Similarly, if you ransack a resource field for a longer period of time, then your chances of finding jewelry are also increased.

Can I exchange jewelry with other players?

- No. Jewelry is bound to the commander who acquired the jewels.

What's the difference between using Transport and Dispatch?

- You can use Transport to move resources between your cities. You can also transport resources to Alliance members' cities. You do not have to send an officer on a transport mission, and the transport vehicles will return to their original base after delivering the resources.

- Dispatch can be used to send officers or troops to other locations. You can dispatch an officer or troops to cities and fields that you control. Additionally, you can dispatch troops to members within your Alliance. An officer is not necessary for troops to be dispatched to Alliance members' cities. In other cases, you will need to send an officer to lead the troops. Dispatched troops will remain at the destination site until recalled.

Why can't I transport resources to some players?

- If your reputation is less than 10,000, you cannot transport resources to other players, nor can they trade with you. Similarly, if your reputation is over 10 times lower than another player's reputation, you cannot trade with that player, nor can that player trade with you. Lastly, in the Trade Center, you cannot view the resources being sold by another player whose reputation is over 50 times lower than your reputation, nor can those players see resources you are selling.

How do I establish a new city?

- If your military rank is at least PFC (Private First Class), you are qualified to establish a second city. First, you must seize a Plain or a Coastal Plain and send troops. Click the Territory button at the top of the screen, then dispatch troops carrying at least 10,000 Gold, Food, Oil, Steel, and Rare Metals to the seized Plain. Lastly, select the Plain or Coastal Plain and click Establish City.

- The number of cities you can establish is limited by your military rank.

How do I move my city?

- Use a Resettlement Plan or Advanced Resettlement Plan to move your city.

- If you're using a Resettlement Plan, you can either move your city to a completely random location, or you can specify a continent, i.e. East Asia or North America, for your city. Your city's coordinates will be randomly designated.

- When using the Advanced Resettlement Plan, you can specify the coordinates of your desired resettlement destination. Your city will be moved near the location you specified. Please note that you cannot dispatch troops from your city within 12 hours of using the Advanced Resettlement Plan. You can, however, still defend if you are attacked.

- An inland city cannot be moved to a Coastal Plain, and vice versa.

- If you have troops dispatched, or if you have friendly troops stationed inside your city, you cannot use either Resettlement Plan until all troops are recalled.

- If you use either Resettlement Plan, the resource fields possessed by your city will be automatically lost.

- You can only move one city per Resettlement Plan.

How do I abandon my city?

- Click City Hall, then click All Cities, and finally click the Abandon button corresponding to the city that you want to give up.

- Your officers and troops will be lost after you abandon the city. You cannot abandon the current city where you are located, nor can you abandon the last city you own.

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