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Army & War

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How is Allied technology different from Axis technology?

- Both the types of arms and attributes of troops on comparable weapon tiers are slightly different.

- When a player from the Allied Powers declares war against a player from the Axis Powers, the Allied player can start attacking after a shorter period of time, and vice versa. When an Allied player declares war on another Allied player, the former Allied player cannot start attacking until a longer duration of time passes, and vice versa. When an Allied player defeats an Axis player, the victor will earn extra reputation, and vice versa.

How do I speed up the training time of my troops?

- You can speed up your troops' training time through one of three methods. You can raise your mayor's military attribute, you can level up Training Techniques at your Research Center to speed up troop training in general, or you can use the Art of War Strategic.

How do I establish a navy?

- You must seize a Coastal Plain, establish a Coastal City, build a Naval Academy, and lastly upgrade relevant Research Center technologies. Note that your navy can only attack other coastal cities.

How do I carry out a United Offensive?

- You can invite other players who are in your Alliance to organize a United Offensive. Using the Dispatch interface, you must select the number of players that wish to assist you in the united offensive. Click Dispatch to begin the attack, and then go to Troop Status under the Intelligence window. Once you figure out which troops you are using for the attack, click on the view button in the right column. On the Troop Details window that pops up, click the Invite button to invite your friends to the attack.

- The invitees must arrive at the destination earlier than the original inviter. If you are closer to the target than your friends, you can enter any amount of Delay time to delay how long it would take your troops to reach the target. For example, entering a time of 1 hour 30 minutes will delay your troops being sent from your base by 1 hour and 30 minutes, giving your Alliance more time to catch up to the battle.

- The player who initiated the attack will control the all allied units on the battlefield in the united offensive.

- If you are victorious in your united offensive, any resources that were won are split between all attackers.

- In a successive united offensive, officer experience and reputation all go to the main inviter.

How do I orchestrate a United Defense?

- Send troops to an Alliance city.

- The level of the Communication Center in the defending city determines the maximum number of stationed troops that the city can hold.

- If you send your troops to an Alliance city, the amount of Food that your troops consume within your own city doubles.

- The commander of the defensive city controls all allied units on the battlefield.

What's the difference between Plunder & Seize?

- In a Plunder battle, city defenses of the defensive city do not appear in the battlefield. The attacking side can pillage all resources that are not protected in Warehouses except for Gold.

- In a Seize battle, the defensive side's city defenses appear on the battlefield. The attacking side cannot win until it reduces the defensive sides Wall HP to 0. The Wall provides armor and shot range bonuses to the defensive side. The attacking side can take away all available resources, including Gold, after winning the battle.

What are the Enemy cities on the map?

- They are NPC cities.

How do I seize a city?

- When you are victorious after a Seize battle, you reduce the morale of the defeated city by 3, while simultaneously increasing the level of complaints by 3. If your attack reduces the morale of the target city to 0, you will be given the option of adding the city to your empire. Note that if you already control the maximum number of cities allowable by your military rank, you will not be given the option to seize the city.

- The seized city's buildings may be randomly downgraded after you acquire the city.

What's the difference between Colonize & Seize?

- If the morale of the defeated city is reduced to 0, you have the option of colonizing the city. The city will then be colonized for a minimum of 6 hours. Your banner will be shown in the colonized city, which can only remove colonized status by using specific Strategics.

What will happen if my final city is seized?

- Under the condition that your only city is seized, a new city at a random site will be given to you. The new city will have some buildings constructed, so you dont have to start from the beginning.

- After your only city is seized, you will receive a 75% off discount coupon to be used at the Blitzkrieg Outlet, which will help facilitate your return to power.

Why can't I attack any player below 10,000 reputation?

- You are not allowed to attack another player if that player's reputation is less than 10,000. You can ignore this rule by using the Public Enemy Stratagem.

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