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How do I obtain a powerful officer?

- You recruit officers from the Military Institute. The refresh rate for viewing available officers depends on the Military Institute's level. Higher Military Institute levels increase the refresh rate. Using an Admission Prospectus, you can immediately refresh the officer list and receive more chances to obtain a powerful officer.

How do I upgrade my officer's level?

- When an officer is appointed as mayor or takes part in battles, his level of experience grows. You can upgrade the officer's level when his experience reaches certain thresholds.

- When you level up your officer, the officer receives a potential point, which can be allocated to any stat of your choice.

- Using Training Exercise, Historical Battle Records, or Compendium of WW2 Battles will instantly increase your officer's experience. Click the Officer button, select an officer, and click the green "+" to the right of the experience figure to use the Strategic.

How to I increase my officer's star level?

- Click the Officer button, select an officer, and click the "+" to the right of your officer's star level to use a Star Badge. Using a Star Badge results in a chance to upgrade your officer's star level.

- If your officer was successful in passing the star level evaluation, then your officer's star level will increase by 1, and all of your officer's attributes will increase. If you are unsatisfied with how the new stats were allocated, you can click Retrain to reallocate potential points.

How do I reallocate my officer's potential points?

- Click the Retrain button in the Officer interface to reallocate all potential points.

How do I make my officer learn or unlearn battle skills?

- Click the green "+" located to the right of the skills section on the Officer interface to use any of the following: Tactical Training Manual, Tactical Naval Manual, Tactical Ground Manual, and Tactical Aerial Manual. Officers have a chance to learn advanced skills from these books.

- Skills automatically increase with the officer's level and are effective immediately after learning the skill.

- If you wish to unlearn a particular skill, click the red "-" located directly to the right of the skill that you wish to unlearn.

How do I increase my officer's loyalty or give my officer other items?

- Click the Award button on the Officer interface to give Gold or jewelry to officers. Your officer's loyalty will be raised according to the quality of jewelry you have gifted.

- If you choose to award the Strategics Political Science Journal, The Art of War, and/or Principles of Relativity, your officer's corresponding attributes will temporarily increase.

My city was defeated in battle! Where has my officer gone?

- If your city has lost a Seize battle, there is a chance that your officer was captured by enemy troops. The battle report will display any captured city officers. If you still cannot find your officer's name on the list, chances are your officer has fled the city on his own due to low morale.

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