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Officers - Attributes

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Officer Attributes

You will be able to recruit a variety of officers with different attributes. Each attribute is suited to a unique role.


Higher level officers will have higher attributes and will be able to use better equipment that will enhance their abilities.


An officer can act as mayor of your city. The politics attribute of your mayor increases productivity, reduces building construction time as well as defensive fortification construction time.


Officers with high military attributes can increase military offensive power when sent on missions, or, when acting as mayor, reduce the production time of military units.


When sent on attacks, the knowledge attribute increases the military's defensive ability. When acting as mayor, this attribute shortens scientific and technological research time.


When an officer gains a level, the officer will be awarded 1 potential point that can be spent to increase any of their three attributes. Players can purchase Training Manuals to reassign their officer's attribute points.


The performance of an officer is affected by his/her loyalty. When initially recruited, the officer's loyalty will begin at 70 and will decrease over time. When the loyalty reaches 0, the officer will leave the city. Players can increase their officer's loyalty by rewarding them with gold or jewelry.


Players will have to pay their officers' salary in gold. The higher the level and attributes of an officer, the higher their salary will be.

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