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Officers - Battle Related & Other

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Battle Related


Officers can lead army expeditions. Once they reach their destination or return to the city, they will return to the idle state.


Officers are required to lead certain attacks. When fighting a battle, officers will be shown to be in an "in combat" state. After the battle is over, officers will return to their previous post.


Officers can be garrisoned in the wilderness or in an ally's city. These officers will be shown to be in a garrisoned state. These officers can be recalled back to the original city at any time.

Military victories

After you are victorious in attacking a wilderness outpost, you can occasionally capture the enemy NPC general. You can then capture their officers and force them to pledge allegiance to you. Naturally, these officers will start with a very low loyalty of 10. You will have to reward them to increase their loyalty. Alternatively, you can immediately dismiss these officers if they prove unsatisfactory. If you do not have room for additional officers, these captured officers will be released automatically.

Your officer will be defeated when he is:

- Garrisoned in the wilderness, and the wilderness is conquered or plundered by another player. Your officer will automatically return to their original city.

- Stationed in an Alliance member's city, and their city is conquered. Your officer will automatically return to his original city.

- Defeated in an attack. Your officer will automatically return to his original city.


Officer status

Players can view the status of their various officers by clicking on the Staff Headquarters.


The mayor is appointed by you to take charge of your city. Your mayor's attributes will affect production rate, research time, training time, construction time and defense of the city.

Renaming Officers

Players can rename their officers on the Staff Headquarters interface. Special officers cannot be renamed.

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