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Officer Equipment Sets

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Equipment Sets

Equipment sets provide additional bonuses if your officers acquire multiple pieces of the same set. For example, 5 pieces of Company Commander's Suit will increase the Attack of Heavy Tanks led by that officer by 25%, while 9 pieces of Division Commander's Suit will increase the Attack of that officer by 150 points.

Officer suits can be obtained via multiple methods, both paid or free.

- Everyone can get the epaulet of each suit for free after reaching corresponding positions.

- By defeating NPC forces (fields, cities), players have a chance of getting Honour Medallions. You can use Honour Medallions to exchange for Officer Suit Chests, which contain random pieces from corresponding sets (excluding the epaulet, which everyone receives for free).

- You can find the exchange missions in the Elite Mission section.

- All pieces of officer suits can be found in the honor section of the Blitzkrieg Outlet. Players can purchase them using Medals of Battle.

- Medals of Battle can be purchased using Diamonds or honor points. To purchase them with Diamonds, please go to the Strategics section of the Blitzkrieg Outlet. To purchase them with honor points directly, please go to the Honor section of the Blitzkrieg Outlet.

Other features about the equipment set:

Due to the fact that these equipment sets are far more powerful than normal equipment, there will be 2 restrictions on the equipment set:

1. Any equipment belonging to a set is automatically bound to an officer once equipped. The gear cannot be equipped on another officer unless unlocked using an item called “Equipment Unbinding,” which can be purchased with Diamonds or Honor.

2. Any equipment that belongs to a set has a durability stat, which will decrease after battle. The equipment is broken when the durability drops to 0 and will lose all effects unless repaired. You can use gold to repair a piece of equipment to restore its durability, but the piece’s max durability will drop each time you do so. Equipments can also be repaired with an item called “Equipment Repairing” to fully restore both its current durability and max durability. Like Medal of Battle and Equipment Unbinding, Equipment Repairing can be purchased using honor or Diamonds.

Standard Suits

5 Pieces
7 Pieces
9 Pieces
Squad Leader’s Suit
Infantry: Attack+10%
Motorized Unit: Attack+10%
Officer  Politic+3
Platoon Leader’s Suit
Armored Car: Attack+15%
Light Tank: Attack+20%
Officer Knowledge+3
Company Commander’s Suit
Heave Tank: Attack+25%
SPG: Attack+20%
Officer Military+3
Battalion Commander’s Suit
Rocket: Attack+20%
Fighter: Attack+10%
Officer Military+6
Regiment Commander’s Suit
Bomber: Attack+10%
Destroyer: Attack+20%
Officer Military+8
Brigade Commander’s Suit
Submarine: Attack+20%
Officer Defense+100
Officer Attack+100
Division Commander’s Suit
SF: Defense+10%
Officer Defense+150
Officer Attack+150
Army Commander’s Suit
Battleship: Attack+5%
Officer Defense+200
Officer Attack+200
Commander’s Suit
Carrier: Attack+10%
Officer Defense+300
Officer Attack+300

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