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How to Scout, plunder & seize a field?

By: Kingtiger         At: 4-15-2011 01:38 AM         0
Step 1 > Recruit your officer

At the Military Insitute you will be able to hire your officer(s).

Step 2 > Train troops

When you have Arms Plants, you can start to recruit troops. 

Step 3 > Find a target field

Click the "MAP" button at the top, you will see the fields and cities around your city. 

Find a Basin/Forest/Swamp/Mountain around you (closer the better). Click on that tile, and you will be given 3 choices: Scout, Plunder and Seize.

Step 4 > Battle

The 3 choices mean 3 different types of battles: Scout, Plunder and Seize. The following is their differences:

a. Scout: Scout is mainly for collecting intelligence. Before you plunder or seize a field, you can send out some scout planes to find out how many troops your enemy has.

b. Plunder: Plunder is used to get resource. After plunder, your troops will come back to your city automatically with some resources.

c. Seize: Seizing a field is related with many key features of The Stratagems. For example, you have to seize a plain first to build an extra city, seize different fields to ransack different jewelery and etc. After seizing a field, you can see your Intelligence blinking, which tells you that something has occured. In this case, your dispatch that once said "Seize" (Command) now says "Garrison" (View). Click the "View" button next to the garrisoned troops. It should show the officer's name and the remaining troop(s) from the battle. Clicking the "Recall" button will bring your troop(s) back to your city. 

*Note: Troops that are garrisoned will consume 5 times of the food they normally would when stationed in a city.

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