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What's the use of officer EXP & attributes?

By: Kingtiger         At: 4-15-2011 02:07 AM         0
In The Stratagems, officers level up when they get enough EXP. Every level they goes up, they will get a Potential Point, which can be distributed to one of the following attributes:
- Politics: increases resource productivity while decreasing construction time of city buildings and defenses.
- Military: increases troops' attack power while decreasing troops' training time. 
- Knowledge: increases troops' armor while decreasing the required research time of technologies. 
*Note: for offensive actions, the attributes' effects are only related with the officer dispatched. For defensive actions, the effects are only related with the officer assigned as the mayor. While for time saving, it's related with the officer assigned as the mayor or the officer selected.

To gain EXP for an officer, there are 3 methods:
a. appoint the officer as the mayor of a city

b. join battles

c. use one of the following items in Blitzkrieg Outlet:
- Training Exercise: awards an officer 1,000 EXP.
- Historical Battle Records: awards an officer 10,000 EXP.
- Compendium of WW2 Battles: awards an officer 100,000 EXP.

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