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Is officer equipment very important?

By: Kingtiger         At: 4-15-2011 02:10 AM         0
The following are all the types of officer equipment in The Stratagems:
- Head
- Hands
- Shoulders
- Chest
- Medal
- Waist
- Feet
- Trinket
- Accessory

Each type of equipment gives one or multiple extra attributes to officers. The more and better equipment one officer owns, the more powerful he and his troops will be in the battlefield. Equipment says in a battle, so come on equip your officer and troops with best weapons and armors.

The following are the methods to get equipments for your officers:
a. Elite Missions: by completing the elite missions, you are able to get some of the supreme equipment.
b. Honor: for the Hornor Points earned in the battles, you can use them to exchange for equipments in "Blitzkrieg Outlet > Honor". Please remember that all the best equipments are displayed here.
c. Gear Chest: in "Blitzkrieg Outlet > Chest", there are 3 gear chests: Gear Chest. Superior Gear Chest and Exceptional Gear Chest. You can open these chests to get random equipment of different qualities.

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