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WW2 Heroes Are Coming!

By: Kingtiger         At: 5-4-2011 11:54 PM         0

 Please completely clear your browser history and cookies, restart the browser, and then log back in for the new events and changes to take effect

The Joyfort Team proudly announces the unveiling of a new game feature. WW2 HEROES has been unleashed upon S1 - River Plate 1940 & S2 - Dunkirk 1940. This new feature grants players the chance to fight famous historical officers from WW2, defeat them, capture them, and ultimately recruit them under your service. A WW2 Hero is much stronger than a regular 5-Star officer of the same level; furthermore, he has 2 additional unique slots to wear special medals, further increasing his power. 

What are YOU waiting for? Check out your missions, follow the instructions, and visit your Military Institute, Level 5 or higher, for WW2 HEROES information... Good Luck!


1. Visit your Military Institute (level 5 or higher) and click on the WW2 Heroes button.

2. A list of WW2 heroes will appear. Note that the stats shown on this list are purely their base stats. Their actual level and stats may be slightly different (usually lower) depending on how many times they have been attacked before.

3. Pick a hero of your choice and click the Search button to acquire his location and his portrait at a cost of 30 Diamonds.

4. On the following window, read the instructions carefully and pay special attention to the hero's "Loyalty" stat. You can only capture a hero if his loyalty falls below 50.

*NOTE: This is the only place where you will be able to see the hero's current loyalty. You will also be able to see his actual level and other stats.

5. Once you have the hero's location, attack the field where he is located. If the hero's loyalty is well above 50, it shouldn't matter whether you seize or plunder. If he's approaching 50 loyalty, use a SEIZE just to be safe.

6. Once you defeat the hero, his level and loyalty will drop by some amount. Using a 5-star officer with at least 300 points in total stats (excluding any gear or buffs) will achieve the maximum drop in a single battle.

7. If the hero is defeated in a resource field, he will typically flee his current location and hide in another field. Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you have reduced his loyalty to around 50.

8. Now you will need to defeat the hero one last time to capture him. Once you have his location and portrait from the Military Institute, you MUST USE A SEIZE mission in order to capture him.

9. After he is captured, he will show up in your Staff Headquarter as a Captive. You will have 12 hours to force his surrender. To do this, you need a special Commission item from the Blitzkrieg Outlet. This item can also be obtained from one of the WW2 Heroes missions if you have enough jewelry.

10. Use the Commission to make the hero surrender and join your Command. Make sure to give him gold and jewelry to keep his loyalty up.

See you on the battlefield!
Joyfort Team

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