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Are You Feeling Lucky Today?

By: Kingtiger         At: 5-5-2011 12:12 AM         0

 Please completely clear your browser history and cookies, restart the browser, and then log back in for the new events and changes to take effect.

Are you tired of fighting with other commanders? Wish to beat Joyfort? A Lucky Draw can realize it. Win a stuff of 80+ diamonds with a Lucky Dice of just 10 diamonds (or less or even free) and defeat Joyfort Team! Great deal, isn't it? Yes, don't think too much to give a try! Now new features have been introduced into Lucky Draw, and here they are:

Brand new Graphics. 

Don't miss the goosy Lucky Dice panel as you'll no longer see it! A Lucky Wheel will take its place. Click on the "Dice" button and start a lucky trip!

Brand new Items.

Getting exactly the same stuff from a Lucky Draw again and again? This time it won't happen! 
Q) How? 
A) We have designed several portfolios. A different portfolio will be selected and executed randomly after the weekly maintenance. You will be able to get different Lucky Draw rewards every week. 

- Awards of this week:

Assembly Bugle                 25 Diamonds
Efficiency Planning            50 Diamonds
Blitzkrieg Manifesto          250 Diamonds
Armistice Agreement            30 Diamonds
Name Card                     200 Diamonds
Admission Prospectus            5 Diamonds
Research Notebook               5 Diamonds
Immigration Edict              15 Diamonds
Signal Flare                    5 Diamonds
Gold Key                       80 Diamonds
Advance Resettlement Plan      80 Diamonds
Bronze Key                      5 Diamonds
Lucky Dice                     10 Diamonds
Resource Box                   50 Diamonds
Construction Mobilization      50 Diamonds
Silver Key                     30 Diamonds

Are you feeling lucky today? Spin the wheel and it will do magic!

See you on the battlefield!
Joyfort Team

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