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New Server Opening: Barbarossa 1941

By: BladeSoul         At: 2-16-2012 04:11 AM         0

The Joyfort Team is very proud to announce the opening of the 49th server:


>>Login S49 Here:
>>The Stratagems Website:

To celebrate the opening, we have prepared great offers. All players are encouraged to take advantage of them:

1. Rookie Gifts. Commanders can complete rookie missions and get every day 10 diamonds, which can be used to buy powerful items in game.

2. Daily Bonus. Commanders will be given another 5 diamonds every day as daily bonus.

3. Rookie Protection. All commanders will be under rookie protection for 7 days as from they start their road in The Stratagems. Under protection, they can concentrate on building themselves without the worry of getting attacked by others as long as the City Hall doesn't upgrade to level 5.

4. Reputation Race rewards. Even as a rookie commander, commanders are also encouraged to work hard for their reputation. Reputation can be gained through missions, attacking fields (NPCs) and etc.

a. Players will be rewarded Rookie Prize, if their reputation score hits on 10,000 points within 5 days of starting the game;

b. Players will be rewarded Veteran Prize, if their reputation score hits on 50,000 points within 15 days of starting the game;

c. Players will be rewarded Expert Prize, if their reputation score hits on 250,000 points within 25 days of starting the game;

d. Players will be rewarded Master Prize, if their reputation score hits on 2,000,000 points within 50 days of starting the game;

Prizes include:

Rookie Prize: Enriched Fertilizer x 1, Open Hearth Furnace x 1, Pressurized Drill x 1, Obsidian Mining Picks x 1, Bond Investment x 1;

Veteran Prize: Enriched Fertilizer x 3, Open Hearth Furnace x 3, Pressurized Drill x 3, Obsidian Mining Picks x 3, Bond Investment x 2, Gold Chest x 1;

Expert Prize: Double Time x 5, Gold Chest x 1, Signal Flare x 10, Bugle Call x 1, Armor Plating x 2, Assembly Bulge x 2;

Master Prize: Double Time x 10, Gold Chest x 1, Signal Flare x 15, Bugle Call x 2, Armor Plating x 3, Assembly Bugle x 3.

* Please note that for the above rewards, they have to be claimed manually every day in "Missions -> Daily":

The powerful war machines are ready! Show to the world that you are the King of War in The Stratagems!

See you on the battlefield!

>>Login S49 Here:
>>The Stratagems Website:

Joyfort Team

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